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GAM - Group for Access to Museums aims to improve access to museums for all people with special needs - physical, intellectual or financial.

GAM was created in 2005 by a number of museums and museum professionals in the area of Lisbon as an informal working group. It numbers today 20 institutional and 23 individual members from all over Portugal. The group meets once a month to discuss common concerns and group activities.

GAM´s annual seminar is probably its most  visible activity, which attracts professionals from various fields related to the Group´s core concerns. Since 2006 it has aimed to discuss issues not normally addressed in museum seminars and conferences in Portugal: 

2006: Do you know how to write for all? Accessible written communication in museums 

2007: Finding a way for all - New technologies and access to museums

2008: Interculturality - Museums and the dialogue between cultures

2009: Where are we heading to now? - Accesible signage

2010: 3rd, 4th, 5th age...? Museums and senior citizens

2011: Inclusive design - Ir/realities

Training for GAM members has been a priority from the first moment. There have been initiatives in teh areas of braille, sign language, access legislation. In 2011, though, GAM took a big step forward and, with in cllaboration with Culturgest, structured a training course on "Access to Museums - An integrated vision", open to all those interested. The course aimed to present access in a wider sense, involving and having an impact on all aspects of museum work (exhibitions, services, human resources, etc). 

Finally, the first ever visitor survey in Portugal on museums and senior citizens is being undertaken by GAM, with the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation, and in collaboration with ICOM Portugal. The results will be announced in November 2012.

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